Want to learn how to play golf but not sure how to start? We get it, on the surface it can be a bit overwhelming. However, you just need some education and a clear plan to follow. Afraid of going out on the course and embarrassing yourself? You just need a supportive coaching community where you can learn with others of a similar skill set. Maybe you have already tried and got frustrated? Frustration can set in when you don't have a program that helps you set achievable goals. We think you should give it another shot.

Join me this fall, your dedicated PGA golf coach, in a true long-term player development program - Operation 36.

How does it work?

To provide a roadmap for golfers to improve their skills and score on the course, the program contains 6 levels, each level containing 7 skills. Golfers are taught these skills by me, your PGA golf professional. Once the skill is mastered, I will mark the objective complete in the Operation 36 Mobile App. The mobile app is the central hub where golfers can view their objectives, log when they play and train, and track their progress.

Each golfer starts in Division 1 and plays 9 holes from 25 yards from the hole (225-yard course). When the golfer can shoot 36 or less, they progress to Division 2 and play their next round from 50 yards from the hole. This process continues through 6 divisions until the golfer beats the challenge of shooting 36 (par or better) from their full tee-box.


Email Steve at sbogdanoff@pga.com to sign up